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Eva has written the film script, "The Eva Kovacs Story," optioned by Interscope Communications Inc., of Hollywood, sponsored by General Foods, co-wrote the film script "ZIZI, A  CHRISTMAS STORY" with LOUIS GARFINKLE, original writer of the DEER HUNTER , which won five Oscars.


Eva writes the manuscript and the film script for MIRACLE IN VIENNA, collaborating  with RECORD PRODUCER RAY ELLIS  and composing music for MIRACLE and writes the lyrics-- optioned by Faulkner Productions of Canada. Presently, Eva is writing a true story, HOLLYWOOD WITH THE WEAPONS OF ANGELS. Below are the diabolical excerpts of Good & Evil, success and glamour, and several other, short outlines of her upcoming  books. 

  Author,  Publisher,  Screenwriter  and  Lyricist  

The Eva Kovacs Story,   ZIZI, Miracle in Vienna,   Voyage of the Soul,    Salon Rodeo,  Debutant,   Odd Duet,   

Hollywood, Sodom & Gomorrah with the Weapons of Angels,    

Eva Kovacs Classical  Pilates, Spiritual Enhancement Guide   

and Poetry of the Soul

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Once I was asked if I want to write my autobiography. I wondered about it for a long time.​ Then one day, I thought, someday, no one will ever ask.

This is not about my youth;

this is about how I was charmed to Hollywood!

In her book HOLLYWOOD,  with THE WEAPONS OF ANGELS, Eva writes...“where you are innocent there are many vultures around you.”

Because her multimedia pictures cannot speak of the iconic stories showcasing and validating her career from the ’70s to ’2005, with the recent exposure of decades of Hollywood sexual misconduct, harassment, and assaults within a celebrity-driven circuit, Eva reveals the culture of Hollywood power brokers that stalked her life throughout her beauty, modeling and acting career.


The Hollywood code of silence is breaking open and flying like shrapnel from a bomb blast against the hedonistic, pleasure-seeking movie moguls. Were it not for Eva’s strong sense of integrity, a disciplined family foundation bred with a strict ethical deep faith in God, she too would have fallen into the mud of the perverted high celebrity profile Hollywood moguls. In this book Eva reveals the famous names of celebrities and power brokers to vilify those that tried to dishonor her as they have defiled other young women. At age20, she is lured to Hollywood, but her strict parents forbid a screen test which George Cukor the famous Hungarian film director of "Gone With The Wind," had set up for Eva. However, her father, who calls Hollywood, 'Sodom & Gomorrah,' forbids the test. But, the lure of Hollywood succeeds when a another film contract is signed in Toronto, Canada out of 558 girls by producer, Leo Orenstein, who created more than 150 TV dramas for the CBC, this time for the Production of "The Other Side of Love, writer Csillag Zsuzsa."


“Success will come and go, but integrity is forever! Building a reputation takes years. It takes but a second to lose it!” said her mother as she bid farewell to her daughter before she tastes another kind of limelight.


A man is in a huge modern day space shuttle wit several other fellows when the shuttle falls. the man is the sole survivor with a # 3 on his body. He supersedes his family and friends in wisdom.

He tries to correct his friends' behavior and misfortunes while communication with the 'World Beyond', which in fact changes the lives of the people around him...

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BEYOND THE CROWDS, BEYOND THE VELVET ROPES, THERE'S A WORLD OF SUPER TERRESTIAL DREAMS---where every hoptoad is beautiful, and every cookie-cutter women is a single flower!  


Salon Rodeo illuminates the exquisite and the tragic, the desperate stars and sought after celebrities, the superficial and the bold, searching for that ephemeral limelight that floods  the screen of our minds with timeless secrets, devilish deviances, dazzling indulgences, flirtatious and naughty contradictions as they search for the hardest drug of all---that   elusive Fountain of Youth. 


Hidden in the heart of Beverly Hills, where seaweed and algae and mud packs mix, candles melt into massage oils with dolphins and seals gamboling off gorgeous beaches and lush green vegetation, the reader meet the eccentric egos, the haughty vanities, and a hodgepodge of diabolical personalities from has-beens, wanna-bees and the never were's, marching in like penguins to get plucked, pounded and pushed until everything old is new again!


The story of an anthropologist who is captured by a dead King's spirit. When an earthquake suddenly falls on him, he ends up in a modern day hospital without his sight. He starts to recuperate by walking on the beach daily to relax and finds himself connected with his own soul. One day, he sees a wounded dove, and around the dove's neck, there is a note. He reads the message and the story begins.


Once upon a the stillness of the the midst of Epic Symbols and Amethyst Flames...a tiny flower named PAPILLION ROSE is sent to Earth Life to express the nature of her spirit. Being nature's creation, Papillion is forewarned by the Celestial Winds of Idyllic Dreams: "Purity in life Man does not understand," said the Morning Star at the gates of illumination, "therefore, you must go in flesh among the manifestation of Man's desire, so, that through you, we hope, he will see the beauty of Truth that is, and the falsehood, which only seem to be. For you see, in Man's world, these things are strangely mixed.





A true story of authentic dialogues documenting the existence after death.....

...three of the world's greatest inventors, Thomas A. Edison. Gugliemo Marconi, and Nikola Tesla all believed the same thing: Someday it would be possible to converse with the dead." In 1920, Scientific American published an interview with Edison, quoting: "I have been thinking for some time of a machine or apparatus which could be operated by personalities who have passed on to another existence or sphere."

Most of us do not believe in spirits, yet messages come from dreams, longings, and intuitions. The validity of my contact with the spirit world does not require or depend upon any kind of beliefs--gravity works whether we believe it or not--so whether you think they exist or feel their laws are from God or simply reflect the mechanism of the cosmic universe, "THEY" have a power to change our lives.

Like a jigsaw puzzle spilled by destiny's hand, the equations which would lead my life from 1980 to 1999, as I adventured into exploration with the 'Spirit World" in the midst of hundreds of questions of which that puzzle is composed, further proved to me, our consciousness survives physical death. Twelve years after her death, at the darkest hour of my life, my grandmother fulfills her promise and returns from the "Other Side," I cannot describe the feeling, as one cannot describe the sunset to a blind man, but these authentic dialogues in this story might lift those dark depths we drop our minds into, to think that this life is all there is!


Spring blew through her senses like a breeze blew through her soul. The trees were budding. Nature once again crossed the threshold of the season, infusing all her senses with its vivid transformation. Zizi Novak stared up at the American flag flying high in the breeze over the Palm Beach Amphitheater. The more she stared the deeper her heart felt for all tings that true beauty and true happiness are still higher, more pure, closer to Him, the source of all that is good and beautiful. Tucked safely away in the pocket of her heart, emotions flared high, summoning up another time-honored past locked in her gaze.  


“SALON RODEO” written by Eva Kovacs


On March 10, 2008, “Salon Rodeo” was introduced to a few select members of the Hollywood community in a table read format.  Such well-known celebrities as Sally Kirkland (“Anna”), Gary Cole (“Office Space”), Mena Suvari (“American Beauty”), and voice actress, E.G., Daly (“Rugrats,” “The Powderpuff Girls”) participated in the reading and believed in the project.


Salon Rodeo chronicles a sarcastic, humorous look at the inner workings of an upscale beauty spa from the perspective of the quirky employees as they attempt to negotiate and anticipate the antics of the vast array of eccentric patrons, including has-beens, wannabes, and never-weres.  


In a fast-paced setting, the jokes are swift and multi-dimensional, and with such wealthy and prominent clientele, no subject is off-limits.  Combining the best of the hit comedies “The Office” and “Ugly Betty,” Salon Rodeo treats viewers to the behind the scenes happenings of what goes on in the world of luxury that only the very select can be privy to.  


“Salon Rodeo” was created by former Miss International World, Eva Kovacs, loosely based on her vast experiences both with participating in beauty pageants and later on coaching models and contestants.

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Mena Suvari

Gary Cole

Sally Kirkland


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Ray Ellis, arranger for dozen million-selling records, and  Record Producer at Columbia, MGA and RCA, collaborated with Eva on the soundtrack for the ‘Eva Kovacs Story,’ optioned for film by Interscope Communications Inc., sponsored by General Foods. The lyrics to another Film play, A Miracle in Vienna was written by Eva Kovacs, had become a sensation when it was debuted at the Hollywood Bowl. Ray arranged Jazz, rock, pop, and blues “Standing on the Corner, “Moments to Remember” for the Four Lads, “Splish Splash” and “Dream Lover” for Bobby Darin, “Everybody Loves a Lover” for Doris Day, “Where the Boys Are” for Connie Francis, and “that Certain Smile” for Johnny Mathis. 

Ray Ellis / Eva Kovacs Theme MusicArtist Name
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The more inactive we become with age, the less muscle we have--the less muscle we have--the more inactive we become...Thus, over the years, the 2 feed on each other, and our metabolism plummets. With my Classical Pilates Technique, you will learn a philosophy and lifestyle dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, which has gained more audience than any other exercise in the word.


     Writers Forum of America    

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Film Option for Eva Kovacs Life Story

Olivia de Havilland

This is in memory of a true lady who just passed away this July 26, 2020 at age 104, Dame Olivia Mary de Havilland, whom Eva Kovacs had the honor of meeting. Olivia came to Eva's home for  dinner at her' Bel Air home to have Hungarian Gulash and Hungarian chiken paprikas with Samuel Goldwin Jr., the son of a fiercely independent-minded Hollywood mogul of Metro Goldwin Meyer, the producer of many independent films. He discussed the Eva Kovacs Story fiercely suggesting to get the cast in line before submitting the Eva Kovacs Story. By that time Eva had a film option with Interscope Communications Inc., for film. See option contracts above.

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Zizi Skinny Wine PPT presentation 

by Jay Techman of the Royal Hungarian Wine of Europe for investors dream,

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