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Eva Kovacs Model Academies &Agencies

Florida's First State Accredited  Model Academy



Eva Kovacs 4 Academies are the first to be recognized and licensed by the State Board of Independent Post-Secondary Vocational, Technical, Trade, and Board Schools Number 132, legitimizing all four Eva Kovacs Academies as a prestigious phenomenal entity that authorizes her students to use their graduation diploma from the Academy for a variety of careers. 

eva kovacs INC.

        Naples  Clearwater           Indialantic  Vero Beach


Video Credit: Bela Kovacs

Eva Kovacs Models Portfolio

Eva publishes

EMPORIUM, the social/society Magazine in '82'. To honor her dying friend, Wilhelmina Cooper, founder of Wilhelmina International Models. Eva gives ‘Willy' her 256th and final fashion cover before her death. As publisher of Emporium Magazine, Eva is part of the Magazine Association of America. Wilhelmina said of Eva:


“Eva has an uncanny knack for finding the “it” in people. You can't buy it, make it or teach it, but she can bring it out of people. While the urban and bourbon flows, Eva comes with a TOUCH OF CLASS, smoothing the path of youth by making princes out of frogs and princesses out of future Cinderella’s.


Eva is a beautiful friend, a Fairy Godmother who navigates the midfield to move graciously through today’s world by lifting the youth.”


Wilhelmina Cooper, founder of Wilhelmina International Models            


                      International Models


After years of working in the film and beauty industry, Eva throws herself into new and exciting business adventures and develops the Eva Kovacs Hungarian Kozmetika, a skin and beauty care line for models, she tapes the Eva Kovacs Celebrity Secrets about Fitness and Beauty, and launches many famous faces through her training in modeling, dance, beauty, health, yoga, and physical fitness. 


In 1977 & 1978 she takes New Yok by storm as superior owner of the Eva Kovacs Model Academies and Agencies, outranking the 52 states. The following year, she does it again in Las Vegas at the International Model Association, headlining the U.S., where Wilhelmina declares Eva Kovacs the top modeling Academy in the United States.


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Mascara Smudge
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Beauty Line by Eva Kovacs

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