Born in Balatonkenese, Hungary during WWII, Eva Kovacs’ life began in a dramatic twist of irony.  While an American bomb causes her premature birth in Hungary, seventeen years later, she is the crowning glory of the American dream. The second child of four children born to Elizabeth, an architectural drafting engineer, and Bela, a chief auditor and financial executive for Hangya commerce in Hungary. 

 Writer   Mentor   Early Life  Business  Woman    Lyricist    Publisher

Actress     Ballerina     Fashion Designer     Supermodel     Pilates Guru to Hollywood Stars   





What started in 1917 as a Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, it became a global Revolution taking root in China, Korea, Kenya, Sudan, Cuba and Nicaragua. Then, it in WWII., it spread behind closed doors on October 9, 1944, when Churchill and Stalin agreed on one of the most infamous deals in diplomatic history which decided the tragic fate of millions in Eastern Europe. Churchill called it 'Triumph and Tragedy. Instead of the Swastika, we had the Hammer and the Sickle.


From that point, the Soviet Red Germ was given carte-blanche to take as much as Eastern Europe as they could. And they did just that, like a bowling ball, they knocked down 11 nations, and inflicted Socialist Communism on each one. Hitler was evil but then Stalin loomed up as an even greater danger. By the time Stalin died he murdered 52 million men, women and children.


In the dark winter nights, refugees ran from their inevitable Soviet oppressors. Among them my mother, father and one-and-half year-old sister Elizabeth. Traces of their footsteps were lost in the massive human exodus. Being born premature, I was left behind with my grandmother. Two years later, my parents returned to take me out of Communist Hungary, only to be imprisoned by the Iron Curtain. For 12 years we children were taught to be the "Young Pioneers" of the Soviet Union, and told we belonged to the Soviet State and must praise Stalin as our Father god. At home we prayed to another God. To say, better DEAD THEN RED, which were perhaps fiery words from Hungarians in 1956, but we had enough of their Socialist Soviet Paradise. On October 23rd 1956, Hungarians rose against the Soviet Union in a David and Goliath confrontation.  


It was a standard fare for comrades to discuss Socialism that ended people in the gulags with Stalin, Gorbachev and the Cold War when musing on the history of Hungary over a bottle of vodka. But for our family the degradation and the evils of Communism imbedded in us, 'LET THEM HATE AS LONG AS THEY FEAR' confirmed, human life did not count where ideology was concerned!  

Hungarian Revolution forces Eva and her family to escape the Red Germ of the Soviet Socialist Communist Republic and flee into the Austrian Alps

"My parents rejected the Communist Red Book declaring them Communist Party members. My father refused to bend, lie and snitch to get ahead in the party. During those years it only took one informant to snitch on you, a neighbor who didn't like you, or saw you go to church, or was jealous of your furniture. Besides every block had an assigned 'trustee' to report on everyone. We learned not to talk, fear and distrust even our own classmates. While the instrument of Communism propaganda machines hammered the pedagogy for a worldwide socialism, we were daily reminded we were the new "young Soviet pioneers," a distinguished socialist race--a cut above the rest of humanity. It was only a matter of time before Father Stalin would rule the world! Our words were censored, there were slogans everywhere: 'WHO IS NOT WITH US, IS AGAINST US!' Finally, on October 23, 1956, swarming on the peek of insignificance, and devoid of arms against the danger, the country unleashed the Communist straightjacket, and the hunted turned against the hunters with all that was hidden in noble emotions and restrained tears, and detonated into one mighty call: "SOVIETS GO HOME!" In a David and Goliath confrontation, we fought the Soviets and we were free for 11 days. The Soviet Union promised to leave Hungary. We waited for the promised help to arrive from the United States, but when the Soviets saw help wasn't coming, they turned around at the Russian Borders with Mongol soldiers, tanks and bombed Budapest to ashes. With our freedom extinguished, the only alternative for my family was to flee from Hungary so we children can grow up in freedom. We walked for miles on end toward the Austrian border, hid in the forest from Communist gunfire, rode in wagons under haystacks and fruit, at times on trucks covering us from view with canvas, concealed in ditches, other times separated. We had injuries, brutality, but then, when we arrived in the Austrian Alps, we had kindness. And, in that magic of winter--we had freedom---that unfolded our destiny in America."  Quotes from Eva's book.


ON THE RIGHT the arrow points to the original flight manifest, transporting Eva Kovacs and the Kovacs family from Nuremberg, Germany to the United States. The airlift, 'Operation Safe Haven' was ordered by Dwight D. Eisenhower on December 10, 1956, four days after Bela and Elizabeth Kovacs with their four young children made a daring escape  into the Austrian Alps. This flight and others were made by the United States Marine Corps that have evacuated 21,000 of 200,000 Hungarian refugees fleeing the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. 







Eva’s dream is to become a prima ballerina. When she is chosen from hundreds of ballet hopefuls to train at the renowned Budapest Ballet Opera House, for the coveted “Prima Ballerina,” her aspirations are cut by the 1956 Hungarian Revolution when family flees the Soviet hegemony and immigrates to the United States. 

Eva Kovacs, the new ingénue begins to flourish in America when she receives a scholarship to the Royal Academy’s Imperial Ballet Studio in Palm Beach and New York. While attending college, she dances at the Royal Poinciana Playhouse under the tutelage of Dame Alicia Markova, Maestro Karoly Zsedenyi and Miss Joanna in: Swan Lake, Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty and Giselle.

 Writer  Mentor    Early Writing Career Business Woman    Lyricist    Publisher

Actress    Ballerina    Fashion Designer    Supermodel    Pilates Guru to Hollywood Stars   


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Journalist for USA "TODAY" Newspaper

Eva's writing career began winning an essay contest published in Readers Digest during her high school days. While attending college, the founder of USA Today, Al Neuharth, asked Eva to join the Today Newspaper /USA Today Family Team as a reporter for the Women’s Department and Beauty journalist on weekends.  Later, she became a member of the Florida Magazine Association and published 'Emporium the Social Society' magazine, wrote the film-play, 'The Eva Kovacs Story,' optioned for film by Interscope Communications Inc, film scripted, 'A Miracle in Vienna', optioned for film by Faulkner Productions in Canada, co-wrote the film-play  'Zizi', A Christmas Story with Louis Garfinkle, the original writer of the 'Deer Hunter' that won five Oscars.


In 2020 she is in publication with 'Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates Physical and Spiritual Enhancement Guide,' and completed her novel, 'The Heart Remembers,' based on geopolitical facts.  Eva is the founder of the Writers Forum of America, and is on her next two authentic manuscripts, "Memories of Fame with the Weapons of Angels" and  "Voyage of The Soul"/ "Spirit Bridge," (a genuine communication documenting the existence after death.)

“Foreign intrigue has about as much to do with beauty making as radiators do with perfume bottles---but the two subjects have much in common for Eva Kovacs.”  

 Writer  Mentor Supermodel Business Woman    Lyricist    Publisher

Actress    Ballerina    Fashion Designer   Writer Pilates Guru to Hollywood Stars   


Eva becomes the new face of GUCCI 

By age seventeen, Eva is discovered by a modeling agent and is walking the catwalk with a natural talent. She becomes the fixture in trendy fashion magazines, tops the international fashion circuit in fashion editorials, films, television, and is labeled as  the new ingénue in the glorified American dream. She becomes an  international beauty queen, a supermodel, covering gamut 

fashion houses from Palm Beach, NY, Montreal, Milan, Paris, and London.


Soon, Eva is the paparazzo’s dream, calling her, “The elegant and intelligent, Hungarian with a beautiful face and a spectacular body! Miss Kovacs adds that stylishly glamorous ‘look’ for trend rival couturiers of the world. Her innocence and classical elegance come with an unpretentious charm that contributes to her talent as a model, ballerina, and actress, catapulting her to the tops in everything she touches!”

Photo_23 - Eva's Favorite shot -



    Actress  Film, Television & Video      

In 1983, with her children growing up, Eva followed her dream to be a writer, when Hollywood calls again to become a second Sherry Lansing as an Assistant Producer at the Burbank Studios. But, two weeks later, instead of being a producer, Eva is signed to co-star with Ray Danton in “Pursuit,“ and finally, “Apache Blood,” in Arizona. While there, she is a guest star in several “New Dick Van Dyke Shows'', and to the delight of Dyke’s parties and co-host, Hope Lange, she remains in Arizona filming before returning to Los Angeles. 


   Internatioanlly acclaimed  Eva Kovacs Modeling Academy and Agency   

International Model Association endorsed by Princes Grace Kelly of Monaco, pronounces Eva Kovacs Academy by Princes Helen Obolensky, fashion editor for Town & Country and Redbook with judges by Paris Planning's Francois Lano of France, John Casablanca's Elite Management  in NY, LA, Paris, Milan and Tokyo, and Wilhelmina, owner of Wilhelmina Models, one of the World's leading modeling and talent agency based in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and London as the top Model Academy in the United States.



As a mentor and Life Coach, Eva has put Florida on the map for other young girls by leading an example. After being an owner of four (4) Eva Kovacs Model Academies, Eva embarks opening the Eva Kovacs Beauty Emporium with Haute couture and Ready to Wear fashions, teaches ballet & jazz classes, opens the spa with complete facials, man/ped with Kovacs Model's skincare and make-up and Gucci products. She designs for "Dynasty" Television show, through Birgitta of Beverly Hills, designs Nicole Simpson's wedding headdress, publishes an over-sized social magazine, "Emporium, the Social Society," a social platform giving her friend Wilhelmina her last, 265th cover.


      Pilates Master Guru         

During her teachings, Eva helps launch many famous faces through her training in modeling, dance, beauty, health, yoga, and physical fitness.


Eva opened the first Celebrity Studio, Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates Physical and Spiritual Enhancement in Hollywood.



One of her clients, Tina Knowles Lawson, becomes a client and a loving friend for life. Tina’s daughter, Beyonce’s songs also becomes an  inspiration with her music to which the Studio clients dance. Tina's influence other celebrity clients to join EK Pilates, Ralph Farquhar, Stanley Lathan, both producers of Real Husbands of Hollywood and many others, each clients in the studio danced and created their dreams before each session began. A friendship of many that last to this day.

But when you think Eva's got it all, she reinvents herself, and again she becomes the CEO of the Eva Kovacs Celebrity Classical Pilates Physical Fitness & Yoga Studio in Hollywood, California, and as Master Pilates Guru, she publishes the Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates Spiritual Enhancement Guide.

Awards Honors and Disctinctions  

Republican Women’s Award
Presented Prime Minister of Hungary
Los Angeles Hungarian Embassy bronze statue presenter



Distinguished Medal of Honor/Cancer Society of America

New Hope Centers/The Society for Brain Injured Children

The Heart Ball - Co-Chairman

World Cancer Society of America - Headliner

International Modeling Association of America - Commentator

“CHILA,” Children’s Hospital Ball of Los Angeles

Ralph Lauren Celebrity Charities

Hindu Charities of India


Winner of International Model Association sponsor Grace Kelly Foundation 

Recipient of the State of Florida School Board Award

Honorary Key to Florida Achievement Award

Citation: Florida Senate President Jon Vogt

Citation for Academy Congressman/Senator Bill Nelson

National Winner twice International Model Association, Top Modeling Academy in the U.S.

Miss Teenage of America/Florida Honorable Choreographer Award

Who’s Who Famous American/Hungarians World Press 1983, page 91


Reader's Digest Award

Celebrity Secrets of Beauty

Ballet scholarship Royal Poinciana Playhouse

Film Critique Sofracima, producer Katherine Winter, Paris, France

Designer TV’s Dynasty, Linda Evans

Creator Nicole Simpson’s Wedding Headdress


eva kovacs

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