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eva kovacs

Writer Publisher


Who’s Who — famous American/Hungarians –  
World Press 1983
Distinguished Medal of Honor: Cancer Society  
of America

Reader Digest Award, Best Article
Florida House of Representatives Award — Bill
Nelson, Senator
Florida Senate Citation Award, John Vogt
Republican Woman’s Award, Florida
Honorary Key to Florida/Achievement Award
State of Florida School Board/Award


New Hope Centers/the Society for Brain
Injured Children
Heart Ball Chairman
Choreographer: Miss Teenage of America



Based in Los Angeles/Florida, Eva Kovacs is a writer and former magazine publisher.                                                                         

Eva was born in Balatonkenese, Hungary.   She began her career as
a child when she was chosen from the top 500 ballet students to be  
trained at the renowned Budapest ballet Opera House for the          
coveted “Prima Ballerina.”  In 1956, she escaped with her family    
during the Hungarian revolution and immigrated to America              
She received a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Ballet, and          danced under the direction of the famous “ JoAnna, ” Alicia              Markova and Maestro Karoly Zsedenyi in “ Swan Lake, Coppelia ”,
“ Giselle ” and “ Les Sylphides ” among others. Shortly thereafter,   
represented the state of Florida in more beauty contest than any       other young lady in the history of the state.  In 1964, she was           contracted in a Canadian movie for the lead in the CBC production,
“The Other Side of Love, ” producer, Leo Ornstein.                          

Eva was a fashion model   for Dior, Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Halston and Cardinali. She was featured in fashion        
layouts and covers for Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, WWD,                    
  Space Coast, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Town & Country.                                      

In 1972, she co-stared with Ray Danton in the movie                      
“Apache Blood,” under the direction of Tom Quillen of                      
Hollywood.  Upon completion of the film, she was signed                
for several key appearances on the “ New Dick Van Dyke              
Show. ”  Eva developed a line of audio cassettes entitled                  
“ Celebrity Secrets on Health and Beauty ” and                                  
administered designs for “ Dynasty. ”                                              

After years of working in the film and beauty industry, she became  
the owner of   Eva Kovacs Academy & Agency   in Naples,              
Clearwater, Indialantic and Vero Beach, Florida.                                

Publisher of Emporium   the social/society Magazine in Naples,       
Florida, she co-wrote, “ Zizi ” A Christmas Story in Los Angeles    
with Louis Garfinkle, (Writer of   THE DEER HUNTER, ) winner;
of five Oscars, including one for Best Picture of 1978.) She also      
authored The Eva Kovacs Story, optioned by Interscope                   
Communications Inc., 1988 for television, sponsored by General      
Foodsas it's sponser. A
authored   MIRACLE IN VIENNA and     ;    
  screenplay, optioned by Faulkner Production of Montreal 2007.          

Eva holds a degree in philosophy and graduate of  Royal                  
  Academy of Ballet--- fluent in English, Hungarian, and somewhat       German and Russian.                                                                 

At the age of 11 Eva escaped to Austria from her native Hungary with her mother, two sisters and a brother.
The Kovacses immigrated to America, like some 200,000 others who resettled there. Eva, who had a promising
career as a ballerina in Hungary, carried on her dream in the US and went on to have successful careers            
representing the US in local, national and international World competitions as a model, actress and founder      
of four post-secondary Performing Arts Academies and Agency. --World Press 1983